Bright futures are written by hand

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Handwriting techniques are honed with every curve, line and full stop. Download practice exercises for your child here.



The perfect BIC® pen, pencil or marker can make a child feel inspired to write. We offer so much variety and style; kids and adults will be amazed by what they find.


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Louise Park


Louise Park

Masters (Honors): Children’s Literature and Literacy

Louise is an esteemed Australian children’s author and educator, and is the Bright Futures Are Written By Hand campaign ambassador for BIC Australia and New Zealand.

Louise has been an advocate for children’s literacy for over 25 years. With a background in education and children’s publishing, she has been able to share best practice in literacy from both sides: in the classroom and with classroom teachers, and through resources and materials used to help children improve their literacy in reading, writing and speaking and listening.

In the early 1990s Louise combined her love of literacy with a publishing career. She has scoped, created and collaborated on some of the biggest reading and literacy programs sold worldwide today including Bookshelf and Reading Discovery.

Today, Louise combines the running of workshops and seminars with writing for children. Amongst her fiction titles are several global bestsellers, and her hugely successful nonfiction writing workbook for children, NAPLAN-style Writing made it onto the prestigious list, 10 Best Selling Books Of All Time In Australia (adults, children’s, fiction and nonfiction), with the Sydney Morning Herald reporting it at no.9.

Louise’s most recent series, Harriet Clare’s Secret Notebooks, combines the elements of normal chapter book storytelling with pages for readers to write directly into the books— because she believes that the key to sound literacy skills involves reading and writing.

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