BIC Pro Patches

At BIC, we think it’s important to encourage kids to practise their handwriting as much as possible. That’s why we’ve created the Pro Handwriter patch series. Each patch congratulates kids on perfecting a different skill, with age groups ranging from 5 to 13 years.

Select the BIC Pro Handwriter patch you’d like to receive. There are a minimum of 630 available for AU residents and 270 available for NZ residents available per patch so be quick!

Storywriting Super Hero

5-13 years old

Story writing allows children to use their imagination like no other activity. So whether it’s a perfectly written recount, or a fantastical piece of fiction, this patch is for kids who have earned their capes in story writing.

Word Wizard

8-13 years old

Persuasive writing helps children to form opinions and back them up with sound reasoning. Using a pen as their wand, word wizards are so crafty with their persuasive writing it’s magical.

Pen Conqueror

5-7 years old

Writing by hand is proven to have memory enhancing capabilities, and the pen licence is a battle to be conquered for any student — and this patch honours kids who are rulers of their writing.

Alphabet Explorer

5-7 years old

The letters of the alphabet are the building blocks of language, and help children to master the reading and writing process. And when you’re new to the alphabet, it’s an exciting place. This patch is for kids who are on a mission to learn how to perfect each and every letter.

Captain Cursive

8-13 years old

Research shows that writing in cursive makes kids better at reading and spelling — but joining one letter to the next can be tricky. This patch is for the kids who steer their pen with commanding grace.